About Sylvia Long-Tolbert

Rarely do you find an experienced marketing consultant who combines the latest in marketing thought with a real-world understanding of what it takes to create success for a company. And one who can communicate clearly in the language of business.

Sylvia Long-TolbertSylvia Long-Tolbert, Ph.D.

Dr. Long-Tolbert brings an invigorating mix of leading edge and pragmatic ideas.
She founded Know More Marketing to share her expertise in customer relationships, brand marketing, services marketing, and customer behavior in a way that changes the game on how businesses think. She’s also at the forefront of developments in e-commerce, multi-channel marketing strategies, and social media and continues to help others unravel the mystery of marketing in a digital world.

Know More Marketing clients benefit not only from her knowledge of new developments but also from her ability to conduct research to shape marketing solutions to current business problems. As a research partner, Dr. Long-Tolbert enthusiastically immerses herself in the problems her clients face and works with their data until she has uniquely crafted a multi-dimensional picture that she believes portrays the client’s world. This view of the world lays the foundation for a collaborative discovery process, exchange of ideas, and flow of customer-focused initiatives.

In addition to consulting projects, Dr. Long-Tolbert conducts customized management workshops on topics spanning service quality and relationship marketing for corporate clients in consumer and business markets. Drawing on her academic experiences, specialized knowledge in customer behavior and relationship marketing, she works with small business owners, emerging fashion designers, and non-profit organizations on strategic and marketing planning.

In the classroom, Dr. Long-Tolbert has personally touched thousands of undergraduate students through her “Branding YOU” marketing project.  She brings marketing to life for people from different academic backgrounds and with various levels of marketing knowledge.  Working in MBA programs, she pioneered courses in services marketing and relationship marketing to raise awareness of the role of these activities in the organization. She helps working professionals hone skills to critically assess the conceptual and theoretical underpinnings of marketing and to apply that knowledge to research best practices of real companies.

In addition to her academic experiences, Dr. Long-Tolbert has held numerous management positions with major corporations in industries such as the secondary mortgage market, health insurance, property and casualty insurance, electric utility and corporate retailing.  She holds a Ph.D. and M.A.B.A.  in marketing (minor in social psychology) from The Ohio State University, an MBA in marketing from George Washington University, and a BBA in marketing from Howard University. She is a native of Washington, D.C.